For Profit / Commercial Financial Statement Audits

At Oak Audit & Assurance, the independent financial statement audits we perform provide robust and quality assurance to organisations, as well as actively assessing for, and advising of possible areas of risk – typically where improvements are required to internal controls. We conduct each audit with our values of trust, integrity and transparency at the forefront of all we do, irrespective of the nature or scale of your organisation.

As a director led practice, we work with our clients from the point of engagement, throughout the audit, right through to the conclusion; and have developed systems that are designed to ensure a smooth workflow and minimal miscommunication. We believe that management and the governance team should always remain abreast of the audit process and outcomes, with the integrity of the organisations financial statements being the absolute priority.

Commonly, ‘for-profit’ sector entities are companies, which are legislated under the Corporations Act 2001. With the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as the regulator, all auditors of companies are required to be Registered Company Auditors (RCA). To gain RCA status, ASIC requires the demonstration of appropriate qualifications, skills and experience, as well as being capable, fit and proper. With Registered Company Auditor status, operating as an Authorised Audit Company, Oak Audit & Assurance is able to be appointed as your company auditor. Director Scott Cosgriff has dedicated his career to professional development, gaining experience across a range of diverse ‘for profit’ audits, and is passionate about quality.

Our breadth of experience in the for-profit and commercial sector includes conducting audits across a broad range of entity types, which fall into the following categories;

Our team brings experience from the Big-4 level in auditing of prominent Australian entities, including listed entities, as well as years of experience auditing companies at the smaller and boutique entity level.