Other Assurance Services

How important is it to you that you maintain an awareness about the key process and business issues in your organisation? That internal controls are operating efficiently and effectively, and that you are reporting your financial statements in line with standards? For many organisational leaders, this awareness is an absolute priority, and as such, having an auditor with a sound understanding of various compliance, governance and legislative procedures is invaluable. When providing services outside of general audit, the professional accountability upheld by a good assurance expert can be extremely reassuring and empowering, while offering peace of mind to leadership teams and stakeholders alike.

At Oak Audit & Assurance, we appreciate your organisation’s desire to remain focused on the bigger picture. We can help you with that and take pride in our industry expertise and experience. We offer more than just financial statement and compliance audit engagement services. We offer an array of miscellaneous assurance services; including but not limited to:

  • Financial statement preparation – in line with the applicable reporting framework
  • Acquittals – Grants and Government funding audits
  • Agreed upon procedures engagements – (customised review to report on factual findings)
  • Internal systems reviews
  • Due diligence reviews

We are driven to help you understand and improve your business processes, and to actively seek to identify areas of risk. Through the professional relationships we develop with our clients, we continue to build a thorough understanding of the nature of the business processes and key risk areas you may face in your particular industry. We can tailor an approach to each individual client which highlights areas of concern and therein allows for improved quality control and risk reduction.

Our industry experts can assist with compiling financial statements, and interpreting and applying the reporting standards specific to the entity requirements. Technical understanding has become imperative, in light of the complexities in Australian Accounting Standards, in particular when it comes to the application and implementation of new standards to the financial statements.

Oak Audit & Assurance also provides services in the area of statutory audits of financial statements and for Compliance and other regulatory audits. For further information on the services we offer in relation to statutory and non-statutory audits, please contact us.